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"Maria Maddalena"

Elisabetta Sirani (Bologna1638-1665) bottega di

Bolognese school of the mid-17th century
Workshop of Elisabetta Sirani (Bologna, 8 January 1638 - 28 August 1665)
Oil painting on canvas
Measures 98 x 75 frame 110 x 87
Excellent condition with professional rewinding.
Certificate of authenticity and lawful origin is issued.

Painting of excellent pictorial quality and remarkable elegance with evident stylistic connotations of Bolognese Baroque painting.
 The juxtapositions to the works of Sirani can clearly be found in the refined beauty of the protagonist and in the splendid and decisive colors of this important Emilian canvas.
 The marked chiaroscuro enlivens the scene which, usually described with drama, in this case is presented in a more sophisticated guise, where the femininity and torment of the Magdalene are not exasperated but composed and the beauty of her features is not distorted but rather shown in perfect way.
Furthermore, the outdoor setting, with the blue sky, contributes even more to play down the context and make the work more pleasant.
Sirani often uses this attractive model for her paintings with female protagonists, especially to portray the face of the Madonna. We publish an example that leaves no doubt.
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