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Amazing Battle

Cercle of Pieter Paul Rubens 1630 a.

"The Battle of the Amazons"
Pieter Paul Rubens (Siegen1577-Antwerp1640) circle
Oil painting on canvas
Coeval lacquer and gold frame
Period about 1630
Canvas size 112 x 158 frame 130 x 176
Excellent conditions
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This large and beatyful 17th century canvas intrinsic in an incomparable way all the characteristics of the most sumptuous Baroque painting.
An incredible vigor and an extraordinary expressive charge emanate from the countless figures that animate the various scenes of the painting.
 The movement is whirling and attracts the viewer's gaze in a continuous search for new scenographic details, all described with the intent to convey dismay and wonder.
 The tangle of naked bodies, some mutilated, gives the idea of ​​the extreme violence used in battle and the terrified expressions of the horses are of rare intensity. Their anguished gazes are the most exciting moment of the spectacular composition.
The author of this great work demonstrates all the pictorial abilities of him giving a great sensation of movement and volume to all the protagonists.
The use of shades and chiaroscuro is highlighted by an exceptional chromatic range with precise combinations of warm and cold colors to obtain an effect of further vivacity and three-dimensionality.
  "The Battle of the Amazons" depicted here is evidently an excellent quality version of the famous painting by Pieter Paul Rubens exhibited in the Alte Pinakotek in Munich. The incredible success of this work prompted his workshop to reproduce it in other variants.
It is the opinion of the critics to consider this work by the Flemish Grand Master as a tribute to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and his "Battle of Anghiari"
 The painting is in excellent condition and is still on the first canvas despite the large size.
The splendid color scheme has remained unchanged over time and this confirms the use of colors with the highest quality pigments in use in the most important and established shops.
The beautiful coeval frame in black lacquer with golden ribbons completes the work perfectly.
We are proud to be able to present a painting of this importance that will be able to furnish a large living room in a truly exciting way.


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