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Arcadily landscape with adoration of the Magi

Andrea Locatelli (Roma 1695-1741)

Arcadian landscape with the adoration of the Magi
Andrea Locatelli (Rome 1695-1741) 

Oil painting on canvas
Contemporary frame
Canvas size 64 x 38 frame 77 x 52
Very good condition

The work is paired with the pendant
depicting the Nativity

The painting, besides being extremely pleasant, is particularly suggestive and describes the scene of the Nativity inserted in a large setting of Arcadian style.
 In fact, the event itself, already very pleasant, takes on an unusual but truly fascinating aspect in a wide-ranging pictorial context.
 The result of this interesting compositional solution is a splendid work which, although presenting the characteristics of landscape painting, offers us a delicate devotional inspiration. The inclusion of religious subjects, with allegorical or mythological figures that blend into Arcadian landscapes, is precisely one of the compositional peculiarities of the works of Andrea Locatelli, a prominent Roman painter in the first half of the 18th century.
His workshop produces with great success splendid paintings of refined taste and dazzling colors, rich in vegetation, often depicting ruins, much appreciated, especially by Roman noble families.
The painting, together with its counterpart, clearly presents all the prerogatives of his production and is easily attributable to her hand.
The two works are complete with their beautiful original frames.
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