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Archangel Michael

Oil on canvas, late 17th centuri

St. Michael the Archangel crushes the devil.
Oil painting on canvas
End of the 17th century
Beautiful carved and gilded frame
Canvas 100 x 70 frame 110 x 80
Very good condition

A splendid Saint Michael, in his characteristic Warrior costume, depicts Good defeating Evil and crushing Satan by driving him back to the underworld.
He holds in his right hand the sword of the leader of the Celestial Militia, victorious over the rebel Lucifer, and in his left hand the balance to weigh the good and evil of Souls before God.
He is the most powerful of all the Angels, the closest to God, the one who protects from Satan and from his temptations, rushing to our aid in times of need.
The painting is very fascinating and full of meaning.
The beauty of this work is enhanced by the magnificent colors that have remained unchanged over time, with a particularly warm and lively chromatic range and with perfect combinations.
The work is in excellent condition.
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