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Capricci con rovine architettoniche vedute veneziane e figure

Francesco Guardi (Venezia 1712 - 1793)

"Capricci with architectural ruins, lagoon views and figures"
Francesco Guardi (Venice 1712-1793)

Pair of oils on canvas
Coeval frames in carved and gilded wood
Canvas measures cm. 58 x 38.5 frames 68 x 48

2nd half of the 18th century

This splendid "pendant" of whims executed with rare finesse and with a light and precise touch can undoubtedly be attributed to the hand of the great Venetian landscape painter Francesco Guardi.

In fact, they are two precious jewels that unequivocally present all the pictorial and stylistic peculiarities of the certain works of the great Master, considered together with Canaletto the greatest interpreter of Venetian landscaping and in particular Venetian in the golden age of the lagoon city.

Unlike Canaletto, Guardi does not paint details with absolute precision, but expresses himself with a personal style that he made school, capable of creating an impressionist atmosphere.

This style was known as "touch painting", made with small bright touches and lively and airy brush strokes that managed to sublimely describe the typically Venetian settings of city views and the ever-present capricci.

The two excellent works clearly represent his pictorial creed and are the synthesis of his extraordinary production.

The comparison between these two rare whims of the great Master and the infinite production of paintings made by the followers of his school clearly highlights their exceptional quality.

We find the most classic ruins of ancient architecture depicted impeccably, with the ruined arches that Guardi favored in his settings and the typical Venetian boats reflected in water with an incredible "wet" effect.

Note the perfect execution of the characters, far from the rough reproductions and peculiar prerogative of his technique in describing the figures in movement, with an incomparable pictorial rendering, taken as a model by many Venetian artists.

Finally, as regards the chromatic range, the two canvases reflect the most typical Venetian tradition with bright and delicate blue-green hues with suffused chiaroscuro but with a great three-dimensional effect.

Excellent state of conservation.

The works are untouched, without restorations and repainting, still complete with their original carved and gilded frames, of typically Venetian production.

They were professionally relined towards the end of the 19th century. (see photos for details)

We issue a certificate of authenticity and a detailed description.

Tracked shipping (DHL TRACKING) and fully insured with anti-shock packaging in a custom-made wooden crate.

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