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Comò Luigi XV mosso e bombato

Italia Meridionale 1750 c.

Louis XV chest of drawers with 2 drawers
Wavy and rounded on the front and sides.
Half of the 18th century
Southern Italy
Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
Veneers in blond walnut, bois de rose and bois de violette.
Measurements: w. 100 x depth 55 x H. 84

Splendid chest of drawers with two drawers entirely moved and rounded on the front and on the sides, supported by 4 high and sinuous legs.
The contained dimensions, the perfect proportions and the elegant movement of the body, together with the precious woods used, make it a piece of furniture of exceptional beauty.
The choice of the cabinetmaker to prefer the solution with the wooden top avoiding the more usual marble cover, further refines the whole piece of furniture and makes it more rare and sought after.
In fact, while presenting all the characteristics of the most beautiful French Louis XV chests of drawers, in this case it differs precisely due to the lack of the marble top and the bronze trimmings so appreciated in France, much less for the Italian taste.
The only concession to the decorative references from beyond the Alps are the finely chiseled bronze handles and keyholes, placed symmetrically in the center of the geometric reserves that stand out on the front of the piece of furniture.
We guarantee its total integrity, with all its external and internal parts that have not undergone any modification or replacement.
The restoration was limited to its cleaning and the subsequent drafting of the shellac with the pad, thus making the precious wooden essences used shine.
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