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Couple Still Lifes of Flowers

Master of Guardeschi Flowers 18th c.

"Couple Still Lifes of Flowers"
Master of Guardeschi Flowers
Oil painting on canvas
Period half of the 18th century
Lacquered and gilded frames
Canvas  47 x 35
Frame  56 x 44
Very good condition

This splendid and rare pair of Still Lifes, starring two vases full of flowers, has all the refined pictorial, formal and chromatic characteristics that distinguish the style of the "Master of Guardeschi Flowers".
  The finesse of the details and the remarkable execution also attest to the attribution to this mysterious Venetian painter who preferred to remain anonymous. The name, assigned to him by the most recent critics, derives from a series of paintings depicting well-defined floral compositions, with an original and extraordinarily elegant pictorial style, whose author has remained unknown, but for a long time attributed to the great Venetian master.
The erroneous attribution, which believed these still lifes belonged to the production of Guardi and his workshop, give rise to the current denomination.
In fact he is certainly an artist who evolved in the circle of Venetian painters of the 18th century but his works are innovative with respect to the traditional canons of still life.
His paintings have shimmering colours, applied with a free and loose brushstroke.
The colors of these floral compositions, extraordinarily "Modern" and completely personal, blend with the light and monochrome background that distinguishes his works and create particularly refined chromatic contrasts.

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