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Holy Family, Elizabeth and St. John the child

Andrea del Sarto (Firenze 1486-1530)

"Holy Family with Saint Elizabeth and Saint John the Child"
Circle of Andrea del Sarto,
pseudonym of Andrea d'Agnolo Vannucchi
(Florence, 16 July 1486 – 29 September 1530)
Oil painting on canvas
Florence, 2nd half of the 16th century
Canvas measures 72 x 92, frame 80 x 96
Very good condition

The composition of rare beauty and extraordinary elegance presents the most refined characteristics of Florentine Renaissance painting and depicts one of the classic themes celebrated by the great Masters: the Holy Family with Saint Elizabeth and the little Saint John the Baptist.
The analogies with the magnificent creations of Andrea del Sarto are evident, who in addition to excelling for the excellent quality of his works, became a constant point of reference for most of the Tuscan artists of the 16th century.
The author of this superb canvas is part of the ranks of followers of the Great Master working in the enlightened workshops of Florence, the true Renaissance capital of all of Europe.
Stylistic perfection and pictorial quality are made evident by a particular chromaticism with bright shades, with warm and cold colors matched in an incomparable way. The shades on rosy and luminous complexions stand out from the dark background with a result with a great volumetric effect.
The exceptionally lively blues and light blues stand out. Finally, the perfect balance in the arrangement of the protagonists of the scene should be underlined. The characters are depicted in all positions, both front and side, full face and in profile, giving the author the opportunity to express his great portrait skills.
A particular mention to the splendid pictorial description of the naked bodies of the two Children which can hardly be found in similar works
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