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Holy Family and Saint Johan

Tuscan school of Florence, XVIth century

"Holy Family with San Giovannino"
Tuscan School of the Florentine area.

Attributable to the workshop of Michele Tosini del Ghirlandaio (Florence 1503-1577)

Oil on the table
First half of the 16th century

Important carved  wooden frame
Table 100 x 75 frame 130 x 105
Excellent conditions.

Magnificent painting on wood that intrinsic all the stylistic characteristics of the early Tuscan Renaissance of the Florentine area.

It depicts the Holy Family with the little Saint John the Baptist, the most classic theme produced by the Great Masters and in the famous 16th century Florence workshops.

This painting of extraordinary beauty and exceptional elegance, is clearly the work of an extremely gifted master and to be sought among the most valuable workshops in the Tuscan landscape.

The analogies with the numerous similar works by Michele Tosini (Florence 1503-1577) are evident, a pupil of Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio, who adopted him as his son and allowed him to use his name already made famous by his grandfather Domenico.

In the workshop of his father Ridolfo the young Michele worked in contact with Domenico Puligo and Perin del Vaga, often confused with each other due to the same pictorial characteristics.

Our table perfectly embodies the extraordinary gifts of these great architects of the Florentine Renaissance.

The excellent state of conservation allows the vision of the splendid scene, capturing all the pictorial and chromatic peculiarities.

 The colors in fact remained perfectly alive with splendid combinations and refined contrasts.

 The shades are spread flawlessly and the result on the smooth faces of the Protagonists is remarkable.

The large table is made up of three vertical sections and has been consolidated by means of 2 interlocking horizontal crosspieces to avoid movement.
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