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Landscape frst !(th century

Bartolomeo Pedon (Venezia 1655 - 1732)

Bartolomeo Pedon (Venice 1665 -1732)
Landscape with ruins, bridge, stream and fishermen

Oil painting on canvas
Original painting frame
(bears the author's initials B and P)
The canvas measures 93 x 136 frame 110 x 152

The painting is in excellent condition

This large and magnificent landscape is a work to be attributed with certainty to the production of the multifaceted maestro Bartolomeo Pedon, a great interpreter of the Venetian landscape between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century.

The many works produced in his famous studio offer different interpretations of the landscape, from vibrant seascapes to representations of architecture, as well as interesting Venetian views. But it is with the fantastic landscapes of the Venetian hinterland, rich in vegetation between hills and mountains, that Pedon stands out for his pictorial capacities.

In fact, the painting proposed here is presented in the most classic form of his compositions with all the chromatic and descriptive prerogatives that make his most complex works undeniable.

The scene is developed to achieve maximum depth with a series of subjects in continuous sequence up to the mountains in the background.

It is here that Pedon unleashes his typical repertoire of pictorial compositions. The stream going down with the swirling waters, the fishermen in various poses under a bridge and the ruins of a temple on top of a hill. Remarkable is the arrangement of the mountains with a clear search for a three-dimensional effect, a peculiarity that distinguishes
his large canvases.

The characters animating the scene are effectively portrayed with confident brushstrokes that lead directly to her hand.

The Pedon's ability to create a spectacular view with a feeling of depth is truly remarkable.
This thanks to a clear description of the characters in the foreground and more and more nuanced moving away towards the backdrop.

It is a high level, very pleasant and decorative painting that furnishes any large room with great prestige.

The canvas is in excellent condition.
The frame is the original of the painting and bears the Author's initials on the back.
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