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Madonna and Child" Polychrome wooden sculpture

Spain, late 16th century

Madonna and Child
Polychrome wooden sculpture Spain, late 16th century
Height 50 cm
20 x 15 h. 2.5 plexiglass base

Sculpture carved in walnut wood and lacquered in polychrome with extensive gilding.
It is the most typical depiction of the Virgin, erect and full-figured, holding her Child with solemn bearing.

The work is a very fine jewel created in  late 16th century by a Spanish artist who, as is customary in Hispanic sculptural art, sculpts in hard walnut wood, thus remarkably preserving his work from deterioration.

The sculpture, despite the lack of the Child's right arm and some breaks, presents almost all of its splendid polychromy and the absence of annoying wood parasites.

In addition to the compactness of the wood essence, the conservation and quality of the lacquering is extraordinary, allowing for a very pleasant view and an excellent decorative effect, thanks also to the nice size that is easy to place.
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