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Carlo Antonio Tavella (Milano 1668- Genova 1738)

Carlo Antonio Tavella (Milan 1668 - Genoa 1738)
"Landscape with shepherd and herds"
(The arrival of the storm)

Oil painting on canvas
End of the 17th century - beginning of the 18th century
Important neoclassical gilded frame
canvas cm. 82 x 108
frame 100 x 127

Very good condition

Large splendid oil painting on canvas, certain work of Carlo Antonio Tavella.

In fact, the attribution to the great interpreter of Genoese landscaping leaves no doubts, which in this important work well depicts all its pictorial peculiarities.

The lively and thin brushstroke, the particular and characteristic color scheme and the inimitable scenographic composition combine here to express his best production. The work shows a remarkable pictorial and descriptive ability, and stands out unequivocally from works of uncertain attribution.

The scene depicts the return of a shepherd with his herds while the storm is approaching.

The village in the background is still illuminated by the last rays of the sun.

A bolt of lightning strikes the wood and the arrow on the smoking branches is a habit of the Master who signs himself in this way in other large-scale works.

It is an important work, of a high level, which in addition to the indisputable pictorial quality, offers an extremely pleasant vision and easy setting with excellent rendering on the wall.

The written expertise of prof. Giancarlo Sestieri confirms the high quality of the painting.

The canvas is in excellent condition and is perfectly framed by a beautiful antique gilded frame decorated with neoclassical motifs.
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