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Portrait of François Langlois

Circle of Anton van Dyck

Anton van Dyck (Antwerp 1599 - London 1641) circle of
Portrait of François Langlois known as Chartres

Oil on canvas from the late 1600s
Canvas size 73 x 60 frame 86 x 73
Excellent condition, already cleaned and lined.

  The painting re-proposes the famous prototype preserved in the National Gallery of London, which over time has obtained so much success and is distinguished by the extreme quality and the material brushstroke with which it was created. the work is to be assigned to the production of Van Dick's close circle, probably made in his workshop under his direct control or, a few years later, by one of his best students.

The pictorial quality of the painting is in fact so evident that it can undoubtedly compete with the works created by the great Flemish Master.

The excellent conditions allow you to enjoy the painting in all its beauty without restorations and repainting.
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