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River Landscape

Roman school Paolo anesi workshop

River landscape with bridge and ruins
Roman school second half of the 18th century
Workshop of Paolo Anesi (Rome 1697-1773)

Oil painting on canvas
Beautiful vintage golden frame
Canvas size 65 x 50 frame 82 x 66

The painting, very pleasant and bright, probably represents a fantasy view set in the landscape of the Roman hills.
A river flows under a large bridge in the distance and narrows to pass by a small arch bridge in the foreground. Two characters cross it while others, on the sides of the watercourse, observe a pair of oxen that are drinking.
Across the river, on the left of the scene, stand the ruins of an ancient Roman arch.
The light of the sky brings out the trees against the light in the typical canons of the eighteenth-century landscape.
The work reflects the Arcadian style of the Roman school with particular analogies to the compositions of Paolo Anesi.
In fact, we believe that it was created by a valid student working in his workshop in order to satisfy the continuous demand for this type of views, which the Master entrusted to his collaborators.
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