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The Crucifixion

Flemish Master end of the 17th century

The Crucifixion
Flemish Master
Oil painting on canvas
First of the 17th century
Important lacquered frame
Canvas size 102 x 127 frame 120 x 145
The work is in excellent condition

 The "Golgotha" scene is depicted here with the presence under the Cross of all the characters described by the Gospels. The position of the protagonists is the traditional one, which sees the beloved Apostle John standing on the right, the Magdalene kneeling at the feet of Christ and the Mother lying to the right of the Cross with her hands joined and her gaze turned towards the Son. Behind the Virgin, half-hidden by the little light, the Sister of the Virgin and Mary of Cléofa can be seen to complete the group of "Pious Women". Two pairs of flying angels on either side of Jesus enliven the upper part of the composition. Tears flow from their lively eyes and cause emotion in the viewer. The body of Christ, in the center of the scene, is of great impact with marked anatomy, highlighted by the chiaroscuro and by the now almost nocturnal context. The dark background enhances the figures hit by a frontal light that illuminates the faces and clothes in bright and particularly pleasant colors. The large canvas was painted by a Flemish Master in the first of 17th century and respects the typical typology of the late Renaissance Nordic Crucifixions. The work is complete with an important antique black lacquered frame with a golden profile.
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