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Venezia, il Bacino di San Marco

Scuola di Michele Marieschi (Venezia, 1710-1744)

Venice, the Basin of San Marco
School of Michele Marieschi
(Venice, 1710-1744)
Oil painting on canvas
Eighteenth century period
Canvas 92 x 56
Frame 120 x 83
Very good condition

A canvas of rare beauty that excellently describes the surreal charm of Venice, with the monuments and boats reflected on the lagoon in a fantastic play of light and colour.
It is the basin of San Marco, the water space of the Venetian lagoon in front of Piazza San Marco, between the canals of the Lido, the Giudecca and the Grand Canal: the Piazzetta pier overlooks it with the Palazzo Ducale, the columns of San Marco and San Todaro, the Marciana National Library, the Riva degli Schiavoni, the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, and the Punta della Dogana with its famous Palla d'Oro.
It is considered the heart of the city, its most representative view and the Venetian scenario most depicted by the great master illustrators of the Serenissima.
The valuable painting, evidently executed by an author gifted with a great view technique, is to be included in the most beautiful and sought-after production of Venetian views executed in the 18th century by artists who in this "Golden Age" followed the extraordinary lesson of Marieschi, Guardi and dell'Albotto.
In this case the work should be referred especially to the school of Michele Marieschi (Venice, 1710-1744), from which it draws all the pictorial peculiarities with exceptional luministic and chiaroscuro effects.
The sense of space and depth is remarkable, emphasized by the perfect perspective rendering of the series of buildings that follow one another on the sides of the canvas and converge in the focal point identified in a particularly successful way in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.

The work is in excellent condition and is complete with a splendid Louis XV frame richly decorated and gilded in pure gold.
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